Eingelegte Feta Würfel

Pickled feta cubes

Quick to prepare and simply delicious.



Preparation time: approx. 10 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

  1. Cut the feta into cubes. Depending on the later use, you can adjust the size of the cubes individually here.
  2. Place the dice in a sealable jar. A screw-top jar is recommended for a long shelf life.
  3. Add orgegan and rosemary.
  4. Fill the jar with olive oil so that all the cubes are covered. Swirl the jar back and forth a few times to dislodge any air bubbles.
  5. Seal the jar and leave the cubes in the fridge for at least one night. The full taste unfolds after about 5 days.

Tip: Rinse the jar with boiling water before adding the cheese. Alternatively, you can put it in the hot oven for about 10 minutes. Only remove the cheese with clean cutlery and make sure that the cubes are always covered with oil. Keep the cubes cool at all times. The cheese will keep for at least a month.

Tip: You can change or add the spices according to your taste. Try it with garlic or chili, for example.

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For this delicious recipe we use our traditional organic extra virgin olive oil. This is the best way to experience the natural Greek taste!