Avocado-Brot mit Oliven

Avocado bread with olives

The perfect start to the day.

Our Av ocado bread with olives tastes very Mediterranean and has a slightly hearty note . It ' s fresh , spicy and nice and creamy . The salty taste of the olives goes well with the creamy aromas of the avocado and the lemon gives the whole thing a wonderful kick of freshness . A true pleasure ! 

Ingredients for 1 person:


      Preparation time: approx. 10 minutes

      Difficulty level: easy

        1. Slice bread or rolls of your choice.
        2. Drizzle the cut surfaces with a little olive oil and then roast briefly in a hot pan.
        3. Halve the avocado and scoop it out of the shell with a spoon. Spread half of the avocado on the bread and mash with a fork.
        4. Halve a lemon and moisten the bread halves with a little lemon juice.
        5. Crumble the Greek feta with your hands and spread on the halves.
        6. Cut Minos green olives without stone into slices and also spread on the bread.
        7. Cut off some red cress and sprinkle over the bread.
        8. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle over some olive oil .



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