Is Olive Oil Healthy?

Olive oil is considered to be an extremely healthy oil. Why it is like that?

Well, first of all, olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which can be used directly and very efficiently by the human body. The oil is also rich in sterols and phenolic compounds, which are considered antioxidants and in this capacity bind free radicals. Harmful oxidation processes within the body can thus be reduced.

Olive oil also contains very little cholesterol but a lot of vitamin E, which also has an antioxidant effect.

According to current studies, olive oil is attributed the following health-promoting mechanisms:

- lowering of blood pressure

- Acceleration of fat metabolism

- Prevention of atherosclerosis

- Prevention of diabetes

- Cholesterol levels can change, from unfavorable LDL cholesterol to more tolerable HDL cholesterol

- Signs of positive effects in the event of impending heart disease or cancer.