Irrtümer über Olivenöl

Misconceptions about olive oil

"Olive oil should not be heated"

In the Mediterranean region, people have always used olive oil in hot dishes. Due to its fatty acid composition, olive oil is very heat-stable and can be used in pans, ovens and even deep fryers up to approx. 180 °C.

“Olive oil gets better with age”

The fresher the oil comes out of the mill in autumn, the more quality you can expect in terms of taste and positive ingredients. With the influence of oxygen, light and heat, the fruity aromas and the content of health-promoting substances are reduced. It is therefore helpful to pay attention to the harvest year and the best before date.

"Olive oil must taste mild"

An extra virgin olive oil may have the attributes fruity, bitter and spicy. Of course, it depends on the individual taste preferences of the individual, how intense the respective attributes may be. However, it should be borne in mind that the milder an olive oil is, the fewer healthy polyphenols it contains and the actually typical sensory character is lost. Would you prefer a nut or seed oil?

"Olive oil should glow green"

The color does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the quality and also plays no part in assessing the smell and taste. Professional tasters therefore test the olive oils from blue-colored glasses.

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