Welche Informationen liefert das Etikett?

What information does the label provide?

A correct label for the German market has the trade name (in German) and the origin of the olive oil on the front.

In the highest category , extra virgin olive oil, the trade name is: First quality class - obtained directly from olives using only mechanical processes .

In the second highest category , virgin olive oil, it is: obtained directly from olives, exclusively using mechanical processes.

For the third category olive oil it is: consisting of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil - contains only refined olive oil and oil obtained directly from olives.

Olive oils must also contain information on their label about optimal storage (cool and dark) (see Regulation (EU) No. 29/2012 with marketing regulations for olive oil ).

As with all foods, the olive oil label must also list the address of the manufacturer/distributor, a best-before date, the filling quantity, the nutritional labeling according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 (Food Information Regulation - LMIV ) and a batch number.

Further details can optionally appear on the label according to Regulation (EU) No. 29/2012 . These include the terms First Cold Press and Cold Extraction when certain steps of olive oil production reach 27°C or below. In addition, statements can be made on the mild, medium or intense expression of the positive sensory attributes - fruitiness, bitterness, pungency . In this context, it may also be pointed out whether the oil is rated as ripe or green -fruity, mild or balanced . All smell and taste-related claims must be confirmed by an accredited testing group. Often there is also an indication of the acidity of the olive oil on the label. This alone is not permissible. In addition, the content of peroxides, waxes and the extinction coefficient (K232 and K268 or K270) must be specified. Last but not least, the harvest period can be informed if the oil is 100% from the same harvest. With this helpful message, the consumer knows how fresh this olive oil is.

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